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Recent work ...

I'm currently working on a BIG project ... but it's going to take me the next decade to complete it.  (At least that's my best guess!)  I'm writing & illustrating a children's book ... with poems and paintings about my sweet mice.  (And currently, I only have about 24 paintings left to complete! Ha!)

As a child, I read constantly, and some of my favorite remembrances of "early reading" were the Beatrix Potter books, all about wee mice, and other sweet creatures.  I've always loved illustrating them, and I had my own two pet mice as a 10-year old:  "Minnie," and "Beatrice."

Now, in my sixties, I have other mice (called "Fancy Mice"), and I think they are so pretty!  The current occupants of my "mouse aquarium" are "Milly," and "Dorcas."  At right, Milly posed for me for a painting I'd had in my head for quite some time, and there's a poem that goes with this, of course.  (But you'll have to wait for me to publish my book to see that part of it!)   By the way, the "Stars & Moon" teacup & saucer, in ethereal cobalt blue, have been in my possession since the age of 13.   They're among "my favorite things."


(I should add that I'm also currently illustrating a sweet book my younger sister Bethany Lloyd has written, about a little flute left in its case for years, who hopes of being used again!  Stay tuned for more on that!)

"Tea for Two"
(13.5" x 9.5" on Arches 140#)

"Tea For Two?"

13.5" x 9.5" on Arches 140#

(Accepted into the 2022 WFWS Exhibit)

(Not for sale.  At least, not yet.  I plan on having a "big show" displaying all the illustrations for my children's book ... at some point in the future.  It's possible the paintings will all be for sale at that time.)


About Ruth Andrews-Vreeland

I'm a Fine Artist working in watercolor, and I'm passionate about painting "the face," whether it's human, or animal.  I specialize in painting LIGHT, as I believe all beauty comes from light.

I'm a native-born Californian, transplanted to New Mexico in 1980 when I married my wonderful husband and father of our three now-adult "kids." We have seven precious grand-children, and I've been busy teaching them to paint in watercolor too.  Watch out ... these kids are definitely going to be part of the "art scene" in future years!  They're "scary-talented!" (Just this biased Grandma's opinion.)

I am a strong Christian woman ...  a 3X cancer-survivor ... and a faculty-member at the NM Art League  [see Classes at: ], teaching watercolor portraiture (my dream job!)  I'm also a Signature Member of the NM Watercolor Society, and the Western Federation of Watercolor Societies. I began painting in oils at the age of 10, and switched over primarily to watercolor at the age of 49. I'm still learning much about this wonderful medium, but I enjoy the learning process more than I can say!

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